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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I care for my jewelry?

We strongly recommend that you have your jewelry professionally cleaned at least every six months to a year. Here at Sigal Diamonds, we are able to professionally clean and service your precious jewelry, stones and diamonds.

To protect all of your jewelry, we remind our customers to try and avoid showering, housework, and any activities that may scratch, chip or take the brilliance from your precious jewels.

Note: Jewelry with stones other than diamonds may need special care.

How do I care for my diamond?

Diamonds are among the hardest natural minerals on earth, yet they need your special loving care to keep their sparkle. A mere touch of the finger can cause dirt to collect on the diamond.

If you haven’t had your jewelry inspected, be aware that diamonds can become loose if their setting isn’t secure. We advise having this done before starting the cleaning process at home.

Because lotions, soap, dust, dirt and daily wear can affect the visual beauty of your diamond or diamond jewelry, we recommend that you use a nonabrasive cleaner on your jewelry. Our recommendation is to place your diamond/ring into a solution made of four parts warm water and one part ammonia, applied with a soft bristle brush (a soft toothbrush can work great for this). After rinsing your diamond in warm water, it is best to use a paper towel to pat dry to avoid lint.

There are easy precautions you can take to protect your diamonds/jewelry at home:

  • Always remember to cover the sink drain to avoid your diamond/jewelry from going down the drain
  • Use a rubber mat in your sink in case your jewelry slips, which can cause breaking or chipping
  • Avoid showering, housework, and any activities that may scratch, chip or take the brilliance from your precious jewels
How do I care for my pearls?

Your pearls can last for generations if cared for properly. We recommend that you keep your pearls free from cosmetics, perfumes, perspiration and dirt. To avoid these everyday occurrences from coming into contact with your precious pearls, simply put your jewelry on last. We also encourage our customers to have Sigal Diamonds restring your pearls at least once per year if worn often.

How should I store my silver?

We recommend that you keep your silver in a cool and absolutely dry place. Keep it away from excessive exposure to air and moisture to prevent it from tarnishing. Your silver should be stored in a tarnish-free pouch.

What should I look for when purchasing a diamond?

Here at Sigal Diamonds, we pride ourselves in teaching all of our customers everything they need to know about how to purchase the right diamond. There are essential factors when choosing the right stone for you.

4 “C”s
Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat determine a diamonds price and value.

Color – The less color in a diamond, the more desirable, and valuable it becomes. This will factor in determining the overall quality and price of the stone.

Clarity – The clarity of a diamond measures the amount, size and placement of the diamonds internal ‘inclusions’ and external ‘blemishes.’ The grading begins with ‘flawless’, which virtually has no imperfections, to ‘included’, which contain a large amount of imperfections.

Cut – The proportion and arrangement of the diamond’s facets and the quality of workmanship, along with the amount of fire, brilliance, and sparkle in the diamond is essential in determining a diamond’s value. Diamond grading can arrange from ‘excellent’ to ‘poor’.

Carat – This term refers to the weight of a diamond. The higher the weight the more expensive a diamond becomes.

What is the Sigal Diamond return policy?

We offer a 30 day exchange policy with a receipt and only for jewelry that is in it’s original condition. Unfortunately, we are unable accept custom designed jewelry.

Can I have my jewelry appraised at Sigal Diamonds?

Here at Sigal Diamonds we offer free appraisals with purchase for our customers if needed. This is solely for the purpose for providing documentation to the insurer incase the item is lost, stolen or damaged. Some insurers may require additional certification.

We also offer appraisals for jewelry not purchased here at Sigal Diamonds, for a fee.

Can I have my jewelry repaired at Sigal Diamonds if I bought it elsewhere?

Absolutely! We are trained professionals and can provide you with quality jewelry repairs whether you purchased with us or elsewhere.


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